Things to do in the School Holidays

School holidays, oh how I remember the build up to the last day of school before the school holidays began. That day was probably the only day I was actually up and dressed by the time my parents came in to wake me. There was no need for my parents to come in and out of my room to wake me. I don’t know what it was about those days. It must have just been the excitement of the holidays that I would be able to sleep late, no need to get dressed in the morning, no school homework for the next couple of weeks and most of all, we could play and then play and play again. One thing I do remember though was after about 4 days into the school holidays I would find  myself saying “I am bored”. Then I used to nag my parents and ask them what can I do I am so bored. Sometimes I would get the go and twiddle your thumbs from my parents or they would say go and clean your room. ARRRHHHHH I hated that.

For interest sake I just went to Google and searched “twiddle your thumbs”  LOL thought I would share this from Wikipedia (While it is an expression of at least a moderate amount of manual dexterity, thumb twiddling is frequently used as an example of a useless, time-wasting activity. It has even been proposed as “the ultimate exercise for the bored and lazy”.)

Any way I though I would share some ideas of what you can get your kids to do over the school holiday period.

Things to do at home

Go to the movies
Visit a museum
Go ten tin bowling
Go fishing
Go with your mom or dad to work for the day
Go Ice Skating