Things to do for couples

It’s now been 3 months that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend have been seeing each other. You guys are finally an “item” as they used to say in my days. Meaning you are a couple, you know boyfriend and girlfriend.

Remember that feeling when you first started seeing each other? Wow if I think back, what a magical and un describable feeling it was. IT’S MAGIC!!!

During your relationship with your other half you might think, what can me and my beautiful girlfriend do as a couple?

Here are a few suggestions that I would like to share with you.

Go to the movies
The first things that most couples would have done by this point in their relationship is, they would have gone to the movies to watch a movie on big screen. Wait a minute do couples still do that? The last time I stopped at the movie house it was soooooo expensive. The cheaper option would be to download the movie (Legally that is). Or in South Africa we still have Dvd stores where you can rent new releases. But the best option for hiring movies is just too simple hire the movie on DSTV’s box office.


Go to the Grocery store
Here is a fun little thing to do if you are busy walking through the shopping centre walking hand in hand. Pull your girlfriend into the nearest grocery store and have her choose a few items that she has never eaten before and likewise for you. Then pay for the items and go and eat it. This will be a awesome experience as you will both be on the same level and experiencing something totally new.


Fondue Night
If you looking for something a little bit more romantic to do as a couple. Then this is the perfect idea and always a winner. The best part about a fondue evening is you don’t even have to be a great cook. Get some red wine with beef or white wine with chicken and a bright selection of vegetables. I am sure at this point you should know if there is anything that your partner might be allergic to.


Go Cart Racing
Maybe you are looking for something more adventures because your partner is that type of a person. (Well you should both be adventurous for this). If you are the adventurous couple then a few laps on the go cart course will definitely get your heart rate up. Then once you are finished with the go-cart racing and had some good laughs or crashes, why not end it off with a nice dinner somewhere quiet.


Dancing Lessons
To help you get in a more positive mood, why not release some endorphins by getting you and your partner to join some dancing classes. This will be a total ball of a time. If you need something a little more sexy then Salsa dancing is the way to go.

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