#WorldCup on Twitter

In case you missed it here is the video Twitter has created for the World Cup hashtag. If you haven’t been watching the world cup for some or other reason. Then its a good time to start watching it now as it starts to get interesting around now. Or you can just follow the 2014 World Cup in Brazil by using the #WorldCup hashtag on Twitter.

Another interesting thing is if you looking for any match statistics, World cup timetable or results then just head over to Google and do a simple search. For example if I want to know whats happening tonight, all I have to do in Google is search “World Cup tonight” you will then have a full list of waht matches are on with times and what channel you can find it on.

Any way Brazil and Cameroon are currently playing and so far Brazil are looking to win this game right from the beginning. Crowd is going wild. Oh wait Cameroon is on the attack.

Ok ciao gotto go before I miss the first GOAL!

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