The Haka

The Haka

If you are a fan of the sport Rugby, then you will know exactly what the Haka is. If you are not a rugby fan, the Haka is a war dance that the New Zealand rugby team or also known as the Kiwi’s will do before any of their games. This was a war dance that the Māori people of New Zealand would do before they go into battle in order to intimidate the opposition. No matter how many times you have seen the Haka you will always want to watch it again.

The best time to experience the Haka war dance in rugby would be at a stadium when New Zealand take on South Africa or any of the top international rugby teams like England, Argentina or Australia ect.

While doing some research on this war dance. I came across this video of two schools in New Zealand that were doing the Haka. What we can see is that this is definitely a culture in New Zealand. To watch school boy rugby is exciting and fast rugby but to add the haka to the mix must be such an awesome experience.

Below is a list of video’s that will show you that there is much more to the haka. We only know of the haka as the dance the allblacks do. But its such a big thing that they even have competitions.

Here is a link to the school boy rugby between 2 schools that perform the haka against each other before the game begins.

Click here to watch 

Looks like the top 2 rivals in Kiwi school rugby must be Hato Paora and Te Aute. Here is a video from YouTube of Hato Paora vs Te Aute doing the haka.

Rotorua Boy’s High vs Hamilton Boys High

More Kiwi college rugby doing the haka

The banned haka

This version of the haka is where the kiwi’s would show the cutting of the throat that was apparently banned.

Haka Competition – Hamilton Boys High School Haka 2014

Westlake Boys High School Haka Comp Final 2014

New Zealands 7s winning haka

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