Mitico Italian restaurant in Cape Town

Tonight we finally got round to going to the Mitico Italian restaurant in Cape Town as a family with the kids. I thought I would share our experience.

It all started around 18:30 when we were actually on our way to the eisteddfod hall in Sea Point to watch some of the dancing that was taking place. When we arrived at the eisteddford hall there wasn’t a lot of cars in the parking area so we decided to skip the dance show and go get some supper before it got to late for the kids as they have school the next day.

While driving up Kloof street we were still not sure where and what to eat, all I knew is I wanted to also catch the last few minutes of the 2014 Worldcup game of Argentina that happened to be on at that time. So we turned into a small street to park which was quite narrow. We then said let’s take a walk down Kloof street and decide where we are going to eat. As we turned on to Kloof street BOOM there it was Mitico Restuarant.

So we walked over had a look at the menu from the outside to make sure it was proper Italian food and not like the menu that Col Cacchio has lol(was so disappointed when I went there but will leave that for another post). The atmosphere inside Mitico was warm and cosy. The staff was super friendly and the service and food was spot on. We enjoyed every minute as a family at this restaurant and will be back soon.