So you might be wondering what is Hey-O dot com. Well this website was created in order to try and fill the gap that I have often found myself to be in when I have spare time and I am sitting in front of the computer (bored).

Have you ever had that same feeling when you know you can find anything and everything you want online, but when you finally have the time you cant, no matter how hard you try, you just can not come up with anything interesting or that can satisfy your mood at that time. If you answered yes well then this website is for you as we will try and entertain you with what ever we find online/offline we will share with you here.

You might be saying to yourself but why, there are so many sites like this on the internet already? Yes I am sure there are many websites online that offer this same service and probably better. I don’t care, I for one haven’t come across any of them and am therefore going to be creating my own.

So if you ever find that you have time on your hands or are bored, then type www.hey-o.com into your browser and come take a look if there is anything that could entertain you. If you have any suggestions then please do send them to info@hey-o.com .